ADEL MAXWELL / The Truth That Was Is The Truth That Is

MAY 27 - JULY 9, 2016


Exhibition will be extended till July 9th! Don't miss out! 

Notice: Visits by appointment apply starting July 7th trough July 9th
Please call: 917 584 0579


Sla307 is pleased to present The Truth That Was Is The Truth That Is, a solo exhibition of works by Adel Maxwell. Consisting of Maxwell’s most recent works from 2016, The Truth That Was Is The Truth That Is presents a thematic interplay between the artist’s observational and philosophical dedications; a game of material reference with undertones of mortality and latent spirituality. The work itself is indicative of cyclical industrial experiences: a bricolage of ephemera appropriated with an archivist’s zeal, evoking sentimentality at the loss of their initial purposes and functions. Maxwell’s work, with its autobiographic tendencies, if revealing of a single personal experience, is nevertheless potent with the sentiments of a shared material existence.

“The Truth That Was Is The Truth That Is;” a statement that brings to mind the inherent knowledge, divine wisdom, and instinct that has allowed Man to exist and sustain his being. The works that have been incorporated in this exhibition are reliant on this fundamental truth; completely composed of the materials that Man and Nature have afforded. There is energy in the things that Man created, used, discarded or lost. The majority of energy that is currently being generated is latent due to the fact that Man has developed a habit of existing as a tourist within his own life.” - Adel Maxwell

Artist Statement: When the constrictions of tradition are eschewed, my work begins to coalesce. As all things that come into being are but perpetually immediate iterations of themselves, the invariable action of this type of creation renders work that is both singular and eternal. The dichotomy of contemplation and spontaneity becomes evident by situating ostensibly erratic objects, forms and associations within intensely purposeful conditions. By generating works that are superficially definitive, the formality of art making and it’s subjective evolution comes to a head. This work is a constant process that draws from experiential circumstance, cultural examination, and ethical taboos. The engagement of perpetual existential immersion renders a potent form of anthropological and invariably esoteric research. In a maelstrom of uncertainty, certain motifs become apparent: necessity, practicality, and survival.

Bio: Adel Maxwell (1989) is an artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York City. He spent his childhood in the woods of New Hampshire and his adult life in the throes of various natural and urban environments. His intentions as an artist blossomed while he was living in city parks, camping out on the beach, sleeping in a truck parked in vacant lots, in a tent in the mountains, on couches of both friends and strangers, and in various other places that one might find themselves whilst wandering.


Adel Maxwell's The Truth That Was Is the Truth That Is PDF here


Roses, 2016
consumer byproduct, pigmented adhesives, coloring book, advertisement, on industrial mesh and felt

84" x 90"

Shawl Foramen, 2016
consumer byproduct, pigmented adhesives, industrial mesh, on synthetic fabric

79" x 92"

Neighbor, 2016
consumer byproduct, pigmented adhesives, synthetic materials, on felt

90" x 97"

Err In Red, 2016
pigmented adhesives, pencil, wine, on synthetic fabric

35" x 58"

Amnis Fluens, 2016
consumer byproduct, over burnt shaped carpet, suspended on felt

90" x 124"