Red Room , 2016. 39" x 60", latex paint, acrylic paint, acrylic medium and airbrush on canvas

Red Room, 2016. 39" x 60", latex paint, acrylic paint, acrylic medium and airbrush on canvas

IEVA MEDIODIAEmergent Behaviour


EXCEPT: September 10, October 8
Open by appointment: 518 567 8193


Sla307 is pleased to present, Emergent Behavior, a solo exhibition of works by Ieva Mediodia (b. Lithuanian), an artist based in Hudson, NY

This is Ieva Mediodia's second solo exhibition in New York, which is curated by Annina Nosei.  12 years ago, Mediodia's first New York solo show Biomorphic Automata was exhibited at Annina Nosei Gallery in Chelsea, where she was represented from 2003-2006.  The gallery closed, but the relationship between the artist and prominent art dealer Annina Nosei  continues to this day. Mediodia's work is included in the private collection of Annina Nosei /

This exhibition features work created in recent years.  The artist is using an expressionist language which involves analog/architectural and binary/digital-like structures breaking down within a luminescent contrasting color scale 

 "Over past recent years in my studio I've been immersed within reflection, wanting to unfold through painting the process of the ever changing reality of life existence-being born, giving birth and the presence of my growing daughter as well, contemplating the fragility of life pulsating in an aggressive environment of progressively artificial intelligence
15 years ago I read about the discovery of neurogenesis.  Since then, my work has deveIoped into intricate compositions, similar to writing notes and making marks.  I have envisioned a subliminal map in process - thoughts and feelings which pass through my mind in the form of electrochemical signaling between neuronal synapses are translated into outbursts of appropriate color and the development of macro-microcosmic structures.  The intention is to make a connection in between my memories-emotional, bodily and mental experiences, and the matrix of the elusive, "external" physical reality-a map/a moving field, overlapping and breaking into fragments in space-time, which unfolds as a portrait of my internal mentation 

In the process of painting, composition emerges organically-a mark on a blank surface-random spill of paint. My choice-fluid acrylics and ink using paintbrush, pen and airbrush techniques. I introduce contrasting languages-organic and mechanical: the pools of paint forming into random shapes are overlaid with gestures of paintbrush and pen and gestures using machine-airbrush".  Ieva Mediodia

Bio: In 2001 Ieva Mediodia received her MFA in Painting at Hunter College, NY.  Mediodia's installations, drawings and paintings have been exhibited internationally-biennials and triennials in Vilnius CAC in Lithuania and Iasi (Romania), group shows in Italy-as Scuderie Aldobrandini Museum in Frascati (Italy), Rome, Bolognia, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hudson, NY and solo exhibitions in Vilnius, New York, Paris, Pesaro (Italy) and Hudson, NY

Ieva's works reside in private art collections - Vilnius, New York, Miami, Paris, Rome, Milan, London.
Her work has been noted in Flash Art, The New York Times, Art Forum, L.A. Weekly, Times Union, Albany and art catalogs in Italy and Lithuania /


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