FEBRUARY 18 - MARCH 19, 2016


I see my paintings as semi abstract universes. They are complicated ones...

These universes have overall abstract structure, but this abstract construct is filled and layered with representational and pictorial illusions. These images are not an imitation of reality; they are rather allusions to inner thoughts - dreams, doubts, fears; hallucinations - double images, shape shiftings, divine and satanic manifestations; temporal modes - memories, premonitions. Most images have a dreamy, filmy quality. 

The subject matter of my work is often expression of some kind of psychological,  emotional state.

The general compositional structure of my paintings refers to puzzles, maps, chemical element structures, diagrams, mazes. Many of my works are shaped panels that sometimes feature holes, empty cavities. The idea of physical void as balance to painterly bravado is important for me. Essentially, I work to create visual tension by juxtaposing and over-layering different modes of expression. This is my typical recipe: geometry/gestural; big brush/ small brush; strong, saturated colors/monochrome, desaturated color; hand-painted details/mechanical transfer; smooth surface/rugged texture... and can include more and more.

Most important for me is to create a painterly open-endedness to express the possibility of subtraction and addition - expansion and contraction - as a permanent state, a flux. 

The work itself ranges in size and use of materials - it can be very large, medium, or very small; using canvas, wood panels, or paper as surfaces; and oil and mixed media - pencils, newspaper image transfer, sand, rocks. The work can be completed quickly, or it can take many years, over many sessions, just taking time to think, contemplate, and observe it. Julius Ludavicius

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