May Pond, 2015. Giclee print, 36" x 81"

May Pond, 2015. Giclee print, 36" x 81"


APRIL 22 - MAY 22, 2016



My work focuses on a sense of place and time. The atmosphere that creates a particular light is very variable and I try to capture the atmospheric ambiance of a unique moment. My images follow a long pictorial tradition of trying to depict and ideal, pristine landscape. They evoke more a memory than the reality, which of course is the essence of the photographic medium. Instead of the immediate presence we have the delayed presence of memory. Representation becomes primarily a vehicle for channeling sensations and emotions and not a pursuit in itself. The images show a longing for the past as well as a wish for timelessness, a primordial reality that reveals the Earthly Paradise. The format of panoramic images extends the sweep of the viewer’s eye, and also shows variations on a theme and redefines the visual space. 
Nijole Kudirka, who is Lithuanian by birth, is a photographer who is based in New York City. She worked first in sculpture and painting, then photography. After obtaining her Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale University, she studied in New York City at the Studio School, School of Visual Arts and the International Center for Photography (ICP). She has traveled extensively and has photographed diverse sites around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. She has exhibited widely in the US and internationally and her work is in many public collections.
All images are archival ink jet prints on photo rag fine art papers. 
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Congua Panorama, 2009. Giclee print, 36"x 96"

May 15 Pond, 2013.    Giclee print,  36" x 108"

May 15 Pond, 2013. Giclee print, 36" x 108"

May 30 Reed Pond.   Giclee print,   20" x 67", 2012

May 30 Reed Pond. Giclee print, 20" x 67", 2012