“My main source of inspiration usually is nature, people, surroundings... Sometimes it could be a glance, a look at somebody or something... Sometimes it could be couple of simple pencil lines in a notebook that would inspire me to transform it into a sculpture-third dimension... I am not a very “social” artist; my art is mostly a result of my personal experiences, sufferings... Poetry, words become a result of inspired activity... In my works, I really like to look for a junction, unity of different materials; every material has it’s own language. Wood, bronze, granite, metal, marble, paper...
Nature is constantly re-creating us and filling us with knowledge. Life is like a crumbling sand that we are sprinkling between our hands...
This exhibition is like two lives: Past and Present… Past with projection to future: life history, emotions, feelings, losses, beliefs, finding the basis… Present - Future - Whole is as if it is falling apart…"

Virginija Babušytė-Venckuvienė

Born and raised in Lithuania, Virginija has been working in a field of sculpture since 1970’s and participating in exhibitions since 1975. She was the only women in-between 9 men to graduate sculpture from Vilnius Art Academy. She has been a member of Lithuanian Artist Union since 1980. Starting 1997, she has been lecturing drawing and sculpture at Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Division. Virginia was a chief of Kaunas Sculptors Section and member of Kaunas Artist Union's board from 1995 to 2000. Many of Virginija’s sculptures are in Lithuanian museums,  fund of Art,  have been acquired by multiple collectors in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Poland, and USA.


"There are several fundamental keywords, frequently inflected while talking about Virginia Babusyte-Venckuniene’s oeuvre: the form, volume and an intent content of the sense. The ability to affect an open setting actively by integrating monumental artworks, or to adorn and animate a small-scale space with aesthetically interior works, full of emotional charge.
Virginia Babusyte-Venckuniene has been developing these courses of creative work since the seventies, when she came back to Kaunas after her studies in the Art Academy in Vilnius. It is important to mention the context of VBV’s generation - she studied in Vilnius together with her colleagues, Kaunas artists to-be Aloyzas Jonusauskas, Vytautas Juzikenas, Rimas Sulskis, Stasys Zirgulis. That was a class of talented, originally thinking sculptors, s fresh creative landing in Kaunas and a rather sunken field of sculpture in the city of those days."  

Kotryna Dzilavjnaitė